Capsule wardrobe


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When I heard about the concept of capsule wardrobe I was immediately intrigued. The promise is to simplify deciding what to wear and packing, yet the challenge is collecting just the right kind and amount of stuff.

With this idea on the back of my mind I’ve put together a few things for my personal capsule wardrobe.

I have to say I’ve been pretty pleased with the results and the amount of wear I’m getting out of these items.

As I’m not working at the moment I even have the privilege of considering badass boots and a leather skirt (both from Zara) as basic wear-everywhere items.

My most used items aka capsule wardrobe

My most used items aka capsule wardrobe

Lists lists lists


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Before I got pregnant with Anna I never kept lists. I always remembered everything, even what groceries we needed off the top of my head.

Then I got a bad case of the “mommy brain”. These days I keep several lists going at once. One of my favorites is the “next Ikea trip list”. Whenever my husband surprises me by wanting to go I’m ready.

Today I discovered that making a visual list is even more fun.

Up next: baby Poang, Mammut stool, Frosta stools, play kitchen, baby pillow, comforter and sheets all from Ikea.ikea list

Life these days


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They say having a baby turns your whole life upside-down.

After 4 months of being a parent I can see why they say that, but I find the statement limiting to a certain extent.

Of course life has changed, but the way it’s structured is still very me. I’m thriving in trying to organize this beautiful chaos into something constructive (any other fellow Virgos out there?). Marveling in the wonder of getting to know my baby. What she needs, how to nurture her, how to keep her smiling and learning herself. That’s so me.

Life is also still very us.

We like being comfortable, going to bed early, rewarding ourselves with a Thai lunch when we can sneak one in, watching videos of our baby when she’s sleeping in her room because we miss her.

All our ambitious plans are still there and growing. We dream of going to China or Japan soon and are not afraid to say we want to be a globetrotting family.

My birthday is coming up and I’ll be 37. I can honestly say I don’t need anything this year. I couldn’t possibly want more.

I’m still going to buy the old self a new pair of boots. Only the good die young and I want to live to be 100.


How to Talk to Little Girls


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Having Anna has made me a lot more conscious of the kind of interaction little girls get every day.

Sure she’s a baby now and in fact may even respond better to baby talk and compliments than anything else but I’m (already) tired of the endless “how cute” or “pretty girl” comments. I’d rather have a thoughtful conversation about her development.

Seems like the world isn’t really that interested, though.

It made me want to re-read this article I bookmarked a long time before Anna was even born.

Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls.

At the time it struck a chord, and now I understand why.

I always took for granted being talked to like a normal person since I was a baby. I guess my mom even went overboard, as was the trend in the feminist 70’s. Some battles were lost (pink and Barbies=the devil) but I guess the real lesson stuck.

Baby books & media reviews


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I’ve been avidly reading about pregnancy and babies since I found out I was expecting last year and bought many books and dvds. Some I’ve found really useful, some ok, but a few were pretty useless.

Here I’ve rounded up my favorites.Image

Baby names now. This one has some useful commentaries on names, is modern but not ridiculously over the top.

Element: Prenatal And Postnatal Yoga dvd. I liked this yoga routine and the way it made me feel so much I did it almost every morning-and never got bored with it.

The Pregnancy Book. I read about 95% of this while I was pregnant. I felt like it was sympathetic and well-connected emotionally.

The Wonder Weeks. This one I have just discovered and is pretty spot on. Basically it helps you understand your baby’s fussy phases as a prelude to a developmental spurt. Very helpful and insightful and its advice is easy to follow.

Then there were the “meh” ones.Image

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. Health oriented, which was slightly more useful during the third trimester, but not really worth having.

The Birth Partner. Most books don’t really give you the breakdown on what to expect about labor, and I thought this one would. But it focuses entirely on unmedicated birth, which I was not in the market for. Also, they should rename this book “We’re trying to sell you a Doula”

10 Minute Solution – Prenatal Pilates dvd. I used this a few times, but it was a little too fast paced for my taste and had a less holistic approach than the yoga dvds.

BuddhaBellies – Yoga for Pregnancy dvd. Again I liked this well enough, just kept returning to my other, favorite yoga routine.

And the “never again”s.Image

An Oxford Dictionary of First Names. Basically a list of names and meanings. You can find it all online.

The Penguin Book of Baby Names. Ditto.

What to Expect the 1st Year. Do yourself a favor and just peruse the Babycenter website instead.

The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout dvd. Can’t say I ever even tried this one. Taking care of a baby is enough of a workout for me these days!

And to top it all off,  the most useful websites related to baby stuff have been Babycenter and HelloBee.

Dancing party


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I get so excited when I get a chance to dress up. It really doesn’t happen that often any more, now that we live in our little Swiss mountain village.

Fortunately the school my husband works for provides several festive occasions a year, and of this I am very grateful.

For example tonight is a dancing birthday party. Oh boy!

And here is the outfit I picked out. I particularly love the swishiness of the dress. I just want to make it twirl.

Modcloth dress; Bhldn cardi; Anthropologie necklace; H&M heels; vintage clutch.Image