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They say having a baby turns your whole life upside-down.

After 4 months of being a parent I can see why they say that, but I find the statement limiting to a certain extent.

Of course life has changed, but the way it’s structured is still very me. I’m thriving in trying to organize this beautiful chaos into something constructive (any other fellow Virgos out there?). Marveling in the wonder of getting to know my baby. What she needs, how to nurture her, how to keep her smiling and learning herself. That’s so me.

Life is also still very us.

We like being comfortable, going to bed early, rewarding ourselves with a Thai lunch when we can sneak one in, watching videos of our baby when she’s sleeping in her room because we miss her.

All our ambitious plans are still there and growing. We dream of going to China or Japan soon and are not afraid to say we want to be a globetrotting family.

My birthday is coming up and I’ll be 37. I can honestly say I don’t need anything this year. I couldn’t possibly want more.

I’m still going to buy the old self a new pair of boots. Only the good die young and I want to live to be 100.