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Having Anna has made me a lot more conscious of the kind of interaction little girls get every day.

Sure she’s a baby now and in fact may even respond better to baby talk and compliments than anything else but I’m (already) tired of the endless “how cute” or “pretty girl” comments. I’d rather have a thoughtful conversation about her development.

Seems like the world isn’t really that interested, though.

It made me want to re-read this article I bookmarked a long time before Anna was even born.

Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls.

At the time it struck a chord, and now I understand why.

I always took for granted being talked to like a normal person since I was a baby. I guess my mom even went overboard, as was the trend in the feminist 70’s. Some battles were lost (pink and Barbies=the devil) but I guess the real lesson stuck.