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Every baby is different, but these are our favorites. newborn essentials-001

  1. Baby monitor: you don’t want to sleep in the same room with a loud baby.
  2. Chronograph: you can fall asleep while nursing and it will keep count for you.
  3. Loud music: helps sooth colicky, fussy babies. We heart the Softies.
  4. Pajamas with feet: all your newborn will live in those first weeks.
  5. Anti-colic everything: whether it’s a bottle or formula, if it says anti-colic, buy it.
  6. Electric breast pump: manual pumps will make your hand fall off.
  7. Boppy: for nursing and for propping up babies so they won’t roll away.
  8. Newborn pacifier: for self soothing at night and in emergencies.
  9. Baby swing: the only thing known to man that will sooth a colicky, fussy baby. Oh, and if mom needs to take a shower.
  10. Swaddle sleep-sack: because who wants to swaddle baby with a blanket in the middle of the night?
  11. Baby carrier: believe me, you want your arms back!