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Someone please take the gold contact paper away from me!

This is a little embarrassing. I’m afraid my husband will think I’ve gone bonkers (he certainly knows better than saying that to a woman three days away from her due date, but it doesn’t mean he’s not thinking something along those lines.)

Still there’s nothing better than a little creative project to spend an afternoon, and I liked this picture I found on Pinterest so much (originally from the awesome finnish blog pinjacolada) that I had to make it my own.12da401b2a4cbce25bcc9637c6a6d765

Yesterday I posted about the nursery being finished, but here I am still putting the finishing touches and moving the furniture around….P1040398

I really enjoyed glamming up that Malm dresser a bit. P1040394P1040392

Same as the polka-dot door project, but this time I just measured the length of the drawer, then calculated how many circles I needed and simply cut them in half to achieve the scalloped effect.

Sorry for the lame explanation. I’m sure you could have figured this out just as well just by looking at the first picture!