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Sooooo, as it keeps snowing heavily outside, I’ve been staying inside fretting about my postpartum trip to the beach. And who wouldn’t? It’s a terrifying prospective.

I haven’t owned a one-piece swimsuit since I was 14 (probably the last time I felt this body-conscious) and I knew it was going to be hard to find the correct one for the funny proportions that pregnancy is giving me. I hope I found my ally on Ebay, this J Crew strapless tulle tank. It should cover all the basic needs I will have, namely:

  1. Size 2 body, size D chest (to say the least, I will be nursing, too!)
  2. Ruching to conceal post-baby pouch.
  3. Strapless to beat those tan lines.

I swear I feel better already. I just hope it fits (not that I can try it on at 7 months pregnant)…


My new best friend?