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I’ve been reading about labor, and even though I plan on getting an epidural, it’s still important to have a plan for early labor in terms of relaxing and distracting oneself.

I know I’m going to be so excited when labor starts that I’ll need something to do to calm down and make time go by.  Here is my list:

  • Do yoga; it’s the only thing that can make me concentrate for an hour.
  • Take a bubble bath; clean hair and fresh makeup go a long way in making me feel human again.
  • Walk around to smooth those nerves out.
  • Have a snack so I don’t get cranky later.
  • Talk to my mom, because she’s been there before!

As the labor gets more intense, I know that people suggest breathing and relaxation techniques, but I don’t really see those working for me. Instead, I made up my own, personal list of “natural painkillers”:

  • Shop for boots online
  • Read Sophie Kinsella
  • Watch Legally Blonde/Clueless/Hairspray

You can laugh, but I feel I’m in good hands.