While I was in the shower today, admiring my incredible growing baby bump, I started thinking for the millionth time about how many good things followed some pretty terrible years.

Circa 2004-2007 the following occurred in my life: an ugly, unexpected breakup, losing my job overnight, having both of my parents hospitalized and having to sort out a cut-throat mortgage and personal loan (c/o the breakup).  I learned many precious life lessons, and tried to keep my head down and push through as best I could.

It was exhausting. I always told myself the best had yet to come, but no one was more surprised than me when it actually happened.

2007 was a turning point, I met my husband and things started getting better quickly. In 2012 we got married, and we are now expecting our first child. We moved to a new country, and I was able to leave a very demanding job to fulfill other dreams. I’ve simply never been this happy before.

I hope to keep this experience in mind the next time I go through a bad streak, and I meant to share this with anyone else who might be going through something similar.