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I haven’t posted in a month and a half. Let’s just say I wasn’t feeling that great, and now I feel a little better. I only found the energy to save an image when it was too fabulous. Now that I’ve put these all together, I realize this might be my ideal house right here and now. Maybe there is no such thing as random, especially for a tired mind…

Love how vibrant the mixed artwork is.

I’ve always had a thing for unpolished….

…slightly spooky, timeless spaces.

This kitchen also fits in well. It reminds me a lot of my grandmother’s kitchen.

The agate wallpaper in this bathroom rocks.

Dark sexy green in the bedroom is the new charcoal.

Best kid’s room ever.

Last but not least: I wish our front door was this color. Instead, its red. At least my husband likes it. That makes me feel better.