People are pretty fascinated by my online shopping mania.  I always get asked how to do it.

My advice is: start from something you’re confident with. For me, that was shoe size. I’m a pretty solid 6, so I started there.

Slowly, I learned things like:

That I’m usually a size S, unless a size XS exists, in which case I’m always an XS.

That I’m always the same size in jeans, but not in tops.

That if I google a certain item I’ll find pictures of real people wearing them, which gives me a better idea of the fit on different body types and complexions.

That you can find online reviews for almost everything.

That I should stay away from lingerie.

And so on…I’m always learning!

You could also start from jewelry and accessories, which are difficult to mess up. Once you find how satisfying receiving packages in the mail is, chances are you’ll want to turn it up a notch. In time you’ll become more confident and daring.

Remember to always check shipping costs and return policy, and try not to spend too much, so you won’t be let down if you guess the wrong size, every now and then. You can really get things way cheaper online, if you like to hunt.

The best part is getting things you can’t find over here!

Where to start:

Zara (Pros: low shipping and returns by courier, good return policy. Cons: their sizes are all over the place!)

Zara Home (Pros: great customer service, policy for damaged items. Cons: expensive, can get bashed up in the mail.)

Asos (Pros: free shipping, Danish brands, good return policy. Cons: sometimes overpriced.)

Forever 21 (Pros: low shipping, cheap jewelry, good return policy. Cons: poor quality)

Nasty Gal (Pros: Jeffrey Campbell shoes, low shipping, good return policy. Cons: crazy clothing sizing)

Nordstrom (Pros: great selection, best return policy ever! Cons: expensive shipping, high prices)

J Crew (Pros: Great colors, good sale on seasonal items, had free Intl. shipping for a month! Cons: overpriced)

Etsy (Pros: wonderful sellers, great selection of new & vintage items. Cons: sometimes overpriced)