Surprise coat


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I woke up this morning to a wooly surprise. My husband got me the duffle coat I’ve dreamed of for years. The classic toggle coat but really warm, all-winter in Switzerland type, made of real thick wool (80%!) from Topshop.

And what baffled me even more was he nailed the right size when I (the professional internet shopper) would have sworn I was a size up.

Way to go, hon! Image

Happy birthday to me


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Tomorrow is my 37th birthday.

It’s been a rough week at home, we all had colds and Anna was foundĀ  underweight which brought massive anxiety and lots to deal with.

I don’t feel like complaining, though. She is now eating better and more, I received a sweet birthday gift from an (almost) 97-year-old friend, and last night I actually slept close to 7 hours.

Plus I have a few birthday goodies I’ve squirreled away.

skirt and camo jeans Zara; top Asos; sweater J Crew

zip pencil skirt and camo jeans Zara; baseball top Asos; sweater J Crew

coat and boots Zara; fringe necklace Etsy

coat and boots Zara; fringe necklace Etsy

Tomorrow I’d like to treat myself to a little DIY project (paint and glue gun) for Anna’s room and a celebratory lunch with the husband. Life is good.

Back in the US


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Yesterday we bought our tickets to go to the US for Christmas. We haven’t been back in such a long time and the whole family is anxiously waiting for a serious shopping trip.

Here is our list of musts.hmhome

Screen-Shot-2013-08-01-at-2.01.34-AMBaby Gap for Anna. Their baby clothes are seriously cute and of good quality, and actually fit well.

J Crew for mom. Their in-store sales are pretty incredible, but the thing I love the most are the amazing shades of color they produce.

Barnes & Noble for dad. Stock up on classics and make the most out of the illimited baggage for gold status flyers.

DSW for everyone. Nowhere else can you walk out with at least three pairs of good, new shoes. I love the hunt, too!

H&M home. I’m so excited about this one! I wonder when it will spread to the rest of the world? We’re waiting.

Bedroom refresh


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When we moved in our Swiss chalet the bedroom was the first room I put together and it stayed my favorite room in the house for quite a bit.

Then this summer I became displeased with it and decided I needed to lighten it up a bit. It was too dark, formal and cave-like.

By changing a few accessories and shopping around the house I feel like I achieved the goal. It feels a lot fresher and modern now and I love it again.bedroom1-001

That high-school nightmare


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You know that dream where you’re back in high-school? Well, it’s come true.

It’s official, the nineties are back in style this year. Expect beanies, plaid shirts, knee-highs and chunky boots.

The problem I have with that is I live in a boarding school, and it might be a tad freaky to see today’s kids dressed like I did in high-school. Like a bad deja-vu. Or a joke meant to make me feel old?

Anna Wintour I’m shaking my fist at you.

Oh Cher, why?

Oh Cher, why?